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"S" Gauge American Flyer Observation Window Silhouettes for #663 - Dallee Electronics

"S" Gauge American Flyer Observation Window Silhouettes for #663

Item Number: #660663
  • replaces original windows
  • easy installation

replaces original windows with new inserts. Some cutting/trimming may be required. Mount in same position as originals! An added feature is the selection of two different end windows. One showing white, clear, windows, similar to the original, and one with silhouettes as shown. So you can place whichever you like.

Dallee Electronics Silhouettes Shown with LED Lighting Strip, Warm White, 10"

Technical Specifications

Item Number 660660
Instructions 663 Observation
Included Window Silhouettes Unique Silhouette for #663 Aluminum Observation
Compatible Passenger Cars American Flyer "S" Gauge Aluminum Passenger Cars

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