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12 Volt, 3.33 Amp AC Wall Transformer - Dallee Electronics

12 Volt, 3.33 Amp AC Wall Transformer

Item Number: #692
  • 12 Volts AC Output

This AC wall transformer is capable of powering many other Dallee Electronics products. It contains a slow-blow internal fuse that protects it from an overload. Care must be taken not to overload the transformer as the internal fuse cannot be reset/replaced. This is not a returnable item.

Common Uses

  • Input power for the 9VPS or VRS power regulators
  • All Dallee Lighting Strips
  • Power Several Polarity Reverse Switch Machines with a bridge rectifier

Technical Specifications

Item Number 692
Maximum Output Power 3.33 Amp
Output Voltage 12 Volts AC
Input Power 120 Volts AC
Physical Dimensions 3.6 Inches x 2.6 Inch x 2.1 Inches

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