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16 Volt, 2.5 Amp, AC Wall Transformer - Dallee Electronics

16 Volt, 2.5 Amp, AC Wall Transformer

Item Number: #690
  • 16 Volts AC Output
  • 2.5 Amps Output Current
  • 120 Volt AC input
  • Powers Many Other Dallee Products
  • Easy to Use Screw Terminals

This AC wall transformer is capable of powering many other Dallee Electronics products. It features an internal fuse that protects the internal circuitry. Care must be taken not to overload the transformer as the internal fuse cannot be reset.

Common Uses

  • Input power for the 9VPS, 12VPS, or VRS power regulators
  • All Dallee Lighting Strips
  • Power Several Polarity Reverse Switch Machines with a bridge rectifier

Technical Specifications

Item Number 690
Maximum Output Power 2.5 Amp
Output Voltage 16 Volts AC
Input Power 120 Volts AC
Physical Dimensions 3.6 Inches x 2.6 Inch x 2.1 Inches

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