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225 VA Power Transformer - Dallee Electronics

225 VA Power Transformer

Item Number: #2118
  • Powers Hostler-2100 throttle
  • 18vAC, 12.5 Amp
  • Torroidal Power Transformer
Dallee Electronics Power Transformer 225 VA power toroid transformer with great regulation! Only 7.3% change of no/full load output. Contains dual primary and secondary windings.

This AC power transformer is capable of powering many Dallee Electronics products but mainly intended to power the Hostler-2100 throttles. It can power one 12 amp unit, or two 6 amp units, or four 3 amp units. It needs to be used with a slow blow fuse or a 2 amp circuit breaker placed in series with the 120vAC input power. Care must be taken not to overload the transformer. This is not a returnable item.

Common Uses

Technical Specifications

Item Number 2118
Output Voltage 18 Volts AC
Maximum Output Power 12.5 Amp
Input Power 120 Volts AC
Physical Dimensions 4.5" outside diameter, 1.88" h, 1.62" inside diameter:
Weight 4.7 lbs
Mounting included as shown in picture (1/4-20 x 2.50" bolt, with metal centering washer, nut, lockwasher & two (2) rubber insulating pads).
Instructions 2118 Wiring Instructions

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