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24VPS - 24 Volt Regulated DC Power Supply - Dallee Electronics

24VPS - 24 Volt Regulated DC Power Supply

Item Number: #324
  • Easy Source for 24 Volts of Regulated DC Power
  • Capable of Delivering 1 Amp of Power
  • Handles Input Power Up To 24 Volts AC or 35 Volts DC
Dallee Electronics 24VDC regulated power supply

The 24VPS is a regulated 24 volt DC power supply. It is intended to power devices that require 24 volts DC. The 24VPS is regulated so it can supply a consistent 24vDC to numerous devices regardless of changes in load current. In order to provide 24 volts output, the input voltage to the regulator must be higher than that, otherwise the output will be proportionately less than the input voltage. AC input voltage, when rectified and filtered, produces a higher DC voltage which is why the AC listed voltage is lower than the DC voltage. The 24VPS is capable of delivering 1 ampere. Adequate input power is required for proper operation. The 24VPS can be used to power the 22 Watt Audio Amplifier

Installation Instructions

  1. Install input power to IN terminals.
  2. Power is supplied to the OUT terminals. Connect a wire between the OUT and the application which requires 24 volts DC.

Technical Specifications

Item Number 324
System Compatibility AC, DC, or DCC Input Power
Power Handling 1 Amp
Output Voltage 24 Volts DC
Input Power 27 - 35 Volts DC
19 - 24 Volts AC
Physical Dimensions 2 Inches x 1.6 Inches

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