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9 Volt Battery Replacement for Lionel Type systems (9vBRLT) - Dallee Electronics

9 Volt Battery Replacement for Lionel Type systems (9vBRLT)

Item Number: #598
  • Replaces 9 Volt Rechargeable Batteries for Lionel Type Systems
  • Works With Similar Systems in Atlas, K-Line, 3rd Rail, and Weaver
  • Charges Within 30 Seconds After Power Up
  • Never use 9 Volt batteries again
  • small size
  • 1.35" x 0.73" x 1.05"

Replace the 9 volt rechargeable battery in your engine for good. This replacement uses capacitors to store energy which do not wear out like a regular battery.

The 9vBRLT replaces the battery in most engines. This unit is intended for use with Lionel type systems, which have no charging circuit, and all others utilizing their system such as Atlas, K-Line, 3rd Rail, and Weaver. These systems all require the use of a 9 volt battery. Similar size to that of a 9 volt battery so that it can fit into most small places. Since the 9vBRLT does not require any maintenance, you can also install the 9vBRLT inside the shell of an engine instead of the compartment initially made for the 9 volt battery. Installation is simple but does require connecting one wire to the center roller pickup wire. Operation requires a minimal amount of user input. Initial charge of the 9vBRLT occurs in the first 30 seconds. After full charge is achieved, all low voltage operations are achieved without the loss of sounds for several seconds (time is determined by how well charged the 9vBRLT is). If the locomotive has been sitting idle for more than a few hours simply recharge the unit.

Technical Specifications

Item Number 598
Included in Package Complete 9V Rechargeable Battery Replacement
Instructions 9 Volt Rechargeable Battery Replacement - Full Instructions
Sample Installation In Train

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