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9VPS - 9 Volt Regulated DC Power Supply - Dallee Electronics

9VPS - 9 Volt Regulated DC Power Supply

Item Number: #359
  • Easy Source for 9 Volts of Regulated DC Power
  • Capable of Delivering 1 Amp of Power
  • Handles Input Power Up To 18 Volts AC or 20 Volts DC

The 9VPS is a regulated 9 volt DC power supply. It is intended to power devices that require 9 volts DC. The 9VPS is regulated so it can supply a consistent 9vDC to numerous devices regardless of changes in load current. The 9VPS is capable of delivering 1 ampere. Adequate input power is required for proper operation.

Installation Instructions

  1. Install input power to IN terminals.
  2. Power is supplied to the OUT terminals. Connect a wire between the OUT and the application which requires 9 volts DC.

Technical Specifications

Item Number 359
System Compatibility AC, DC, or DCC Input Power
Power Handling 1 Amp
Output Voltage 9 Volts DC
Input Power Less than 20 Volts DC
Less than 18 Volts AC
Physical Dimensions 2 Inches x 1.6 Inches

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