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Dallee Electronics AC Transformers


AC Wall Transformer

(item # 690)

Item 690, wall plug in power transformer, is rated at 16vAC, 2.5 ampere's (40VA) output, 120vAC input. It can be used to power several items such as the: 9VPS (item 359), 12VPS (item 369), RL­ADJ (item 379), VRS (item 378), and all LED lighting strips. Use a bridge rectifier (item 371) to make a DC supply capable of powering several polarity reverse switch machines.

This power transformer is internally fused, so you have to be careful not to overload or short the output terminals. No warranty on blown fuses!

Physical size: 3.6" l x 2.6"w x 2.1"h (subject to change w/o notice)





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