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AC Sound Controller - Elite Edition - Dallee Electronics

AC Sound Controller - Elite Edition

Item Number: #1102
  • Elite Edition Does Not Drop Track Voltage When Pressed
  • Large Easy to use Buttons
  • Control Direction, Whistle/Horn, and Bell
  • Works With All HiLine™ Sound Systems
  • Works with Most AC Sound Systems
  • 10 Amp Current Capacity

The AC Sound Controller is used to control the Horn or Whistle and Bell functions on most AC style locomotive sound systems. This controller is fully supported by all HiLine™ Sound Systems.

Elite Advantage

The Elite Edition of the Dallee AC Sound controller features special technology that prevents a voltage drop on the track when a button is pressed. The regular edition as well as other brands will drop the voltage on the track when one of the buttons is pressed, slowing the train each time it is used.

Installation Instructions

  1. Cut the wires powering the layout between the transformer and the track.
  2. Attach the wires leading to the track to the OUT terminals on the AC sound controller.
  3. Attach the wires leading to the transformer to the IN terminals on the AC sound controller.

Technical Specifications

Item Number 1102
Product Instructions AC Sound Controller #1102 Full Instructions
System Compatibility The AC Sound Controller only works with AC powered locomotives.
Maximum Current Handling 10 Amps
Physical Dimensions 2 Inches x 6 Inches x 3 Inches

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