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AF switch machine LED Lamp Replacement - Dallee Electronics

AF switch machine LED Lamp Replacement

Item Number: #23720
  • white LED's
  • 120 degree illumination from each side
  • low current draw
  • 0.02 amps compared to 0.15 amps!
  • requires competent soldering skills
This White LED assembly replaces the light bulb used in AF switch machines and other items. It not only provides a much cooler operation but consumes far less current! It does require two solder connections for installation which leaves the socket untouched for those desiring to return it to original condition when selling the switch as original. The input voltage for this unit is from 15 to 18 volts AC.
The unit is fully assembled, as shown in the picture above. As can be seen in the pictures, the solid wire gets soldered to the side of the lamp base (tin it first) and the end of the resistor gets soldered to the wire leading to the Yellow input lead. The LED assembly needs to be positioned between the gel's and in line with the lens locations. All is shown in the pictures as examples.

Lamp power = 2.7 watts, 250 hrs vs LED = 0.07 watts, thousands of hours!


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