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VRS Adjustable Regulated Power Supply

(Item #378)

Regulated Lighting uses track power to provide illumination beginning at about 3 volts. Maximum illumination is reached at approximately 4.5 volts and remains constant for the balance of the speed range. Regulated Lighting gives a more intense and uniform illumination, uses less current and tends to ignore power interruptions caused by dirt on wheels and track resulting in more flicker free lighting.

(1.25"w x 1"l x 0.35"h)

The VRS can be adjusted from 1.25 to 6.2 volts. The maximum output current is 1/2 ampere. Our VRS is suitable for many applications:

• Stationary lighting of building interiors, building ceiling and outside lights, street lights, marquees.
• Lighting passenger cars, cabooses. This unit is also LocoMatic™ compatible.
• Since it supplies 6 volts, it can be used for various smoke units.
• Use to power various low voltage lamps.

The VRS, item #378, is supplied with plug connectors for the input and output connections with approx. 6" of wire. The unit can be glued in place or double sided tape or Velcro can be applied to secure the unit in place. Requires input voltage greater than the output voltage up to 30vAC or 35vDC maximum. Input voltage may be from a stationary supply or track power. Track power can be DCC, DC, or AC!


Illuminate station walk ways, passenger cars, cabooses, buildings, marquis with the RL-LED or VRS

Station and passenger car layout courtesy of Glen Schreiner.



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