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Automatic Timed Station Stop - Dallee Electronics

Automatic Timed Station Stop

Item Number: #683
  • Easily Add One or More Automatic Stop/Starts
  • Includes Detection and Detector Power Circuitry
  • Easily Installation - Instructions are Included
  • for conventional AC or DC trains

Quickly and easily add one or many station stops to your layout. This unit contains all that is needed to add timed stops along your track. Easily add momentum to the train stopping and starting with the Automatic Timed Station Stop with Momentum Kit.

Installation is easy, simply isolate one or more sections of track where the train should stop and reroute one power wire though the orange loop on the TRAK-DTT2 (included). Next, route power to the track through the TRAK-DTT2 terminals (more details can be found in instructions below or in the box). Power up the system and watch your trains automatically stop when they reach your isolated track section and then automatically restart after the time-out.

Stop duration can easily be set from 1 to 45 seconds by twisting the time duration knob on the TRAK-DTT2.

Technical Specifications

Item Number 683
Product Instructions Automatic Timed Station Stops #683 Full Instructions
How-To Guide: Alternating Timed Station Stops
Stop Duration Any value from 1 to 45 seconds.
Included in Box
System Compatibility Operates with DC or AC track power. Train power supply/transformer not included. You supply the track, trolley car or locomotive, wire, and connections to components.

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