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Back-N-Forth - DC 5 amp, Dual - Dallee Electronics

Back-N-Forth - DC 5 amp, Dual

Item Number: #564
  • handles 5 amperes of current
  • end diodes included
  • Two timed back-and-forths on 1 board
  • independent adjustable time

Operates via a simple timing mode for reversing the Trolley or train on a dedicated section of track. allows for timed stops at ends. provides variable time from a few seconds to minutes! available as a single unit or as a dual unit. Dual units have separate time controls. units do require you to supply the variable DC track power, fixed AC, track, trolley car or locomotive, wire, and connections to components. Full drawings are included with the units.

Dallee Electronics Back-N-Forth / To and Fro Operation: The trolley / train can be started at any location with the Back-N-Forth. If it is in one of the ends that requires the time to expire before reversing, then nothing will happen until then. Otherwise the trolley / train will start operating as soon as track power is applied. If utilizing a train, the one end stop has to be extended far enough to encompass the engine with cars while the other end only needs to contain the engine. If the timed reverse is not long enough for the length of track desired, you will need to use item 609. The item 609 back-n-forth package utilizes track sense for operation which requires the trolley / train to get to the end before the reverse operation is performed. Typical timing is adjustable from 20 seconds to 2 minutes. Again, the total time is the traverse time plus the end stop time.


A good fixed AC power source is item #690. This connects to terminals 5 & 6 and can operate up to 10 similar devices

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