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Back-N-Forth - DC 5 amp, sensed (DO NOT ORDER - out of stock!) - Dallee Electronics

Back-N-Forth - DC 5 amp, sensed (DO NOT ORDER - out of stock!)

Item Number: #609
For DC track power, consists of 1-#369 (12VPS), 1-#566 (TRAK-DTRL), 1-#368 (TRAK-DTT2), and full instructions. To add additional stops between the ends utilizing the same amount of time set for the end stops, merely add one or more insulated section and wire as shown. If a different time stop is desired for the between stops from the end stops, use another Trak-DTT2 (Item #368). The difference in operation of this back-n-forth over the 56x type back-n-forths is that the end stop time function only starts when you get to the end section. Therefore it does not matter how long it takes you to get to the end section. The timing for the stop is totally independent of the amount of time that it takes you to get there. Therefore you can have an unlimited amount of track between the ends as well as run as slow as you want. This system also remembers which direction you were heading between power applications. So you can turn the layout off and come back another day and the trolley will still continue in the direction it was heading in. It also does not matter if you stop in the end zone, power the layout off, and then power it back on. The trolley will never run off of the end! You supply the track, trolley car or locomotive, wire, and connections to components. A few seconds must elapse between each stop section. A good power source for the electronics, is item #690.

609 DC Back-N-Forth Instructions

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