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Back-N-Forth - DC 5 amp, sensed with Momentum - Dallee Electronics

Back-N-Forth - DC 5 amp, sensed with Momentum

Item Number: #610
For DC track power, consists of 1-#369 (12VPS), 1-#566 (TRAK-DTRL), 1-#368 (TRAK-DTT), 1-555 (expansion Relay), 1-#567 (MO-1) and full instructions. This unit is the same as item #609 except it adds a momentum stop/start at each stop location! The stop and start times are adjustable on the MO-1 momentum board. You supply the track, trolley car or locomotive, wire, and connections to components. A few seconds must elapse between each stop section. A good power source for the electronics, is item #690.

610 DC Back-N-Forth Instructions with momentum

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