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Automatic Back-N-Forth

Single Unit

We have created a simplified Back-N-Forth unit available in four configurations. The new unit's features are:

Operates via a simple timing mode for reversing the Trolley or train on a dedicated section of track.
provides variable time from a few seconds to minutes!
available as a single unit or as a dual unit. Dual units have separate time controls.
expansion port provides proper power for utilizing
our Trak-DTT2 to provide for timed stops between ends.
requires fixed AC input power and Variable DC to power the trolley / train.

Four systems to fit your needs:

Single Unit (1-track)

#561 - 1 Amp INSTRUCTIONS (PDF, 92K)

#563 - 5 Amp INSTRUCTIONS (PDF, 92K)

 USING #563 for AC TRAINS (PDF, 58K)

Dual Unit (2-track)

#562 - 1 Amp INSTRUCTIONS (PDF, 97K)

#564 - 5 Amp INSTRUCTIONS (PDF, 97K)

Items available direct or through qualified dealers.

Double Unit


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