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Battery Replacement for MTH systems - 9v - Dallee Electronics

Battery Replacement for MTH systems - 9v

Item Number: #599
  • Substitute for 9 Volt MTH Battery
  • Replaces Rechargable 9 Volt Battery
  • Includes 2 Super Capacitors and one 9 Volt Battery Clip
  • 1 super cap measures: 0.85"l x 0.3"d x 0.65"w
  • see item 573 for 3 Volt MTH systems

Storage capacitors can be used to replace batteries.

To make a storage capacitor to replace a battery in any 9 volt system, simply connect two Super Capacitors in series as shown. The 9 volt battery connector "+" and "-" must be connected opposite of what would be considered normal since this is emulating a battery. Then wrap with tape or use heat shrink tubing item 580 to insulate the exposed connections and hold the super cap's together.

You can also use these Super Caps or item 559 for 3 volt systems.

Technical Specifications

Item Number 599
Included in Package 2 Super Capacitors and one 9v Battery Snap Connector
Instructions Super Capacitor Full Instructions

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