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Dallee Beacon Lighting

Beacon Light

The BEACON utilizes a high intensity ultra-bright RED LED.The BEACON is usable on top of water tanks, towers, and bridges as well as many other places wherever the effect is desired. The BEACON oscillates it's LED gradually on and off with a flash of high intensity when it's fully on. The BEACON can be powered by a 9 volt battery, fixed voltage (6-20 volts) AC, DC, DCC, or by track power. The BEACON is furnished with double sided mounting tape and includes wire leads with a 9 volt battery clip installed. For other power sources simply cut the battery clip from the wires. If an on/off switch is desired, item #524 does the job! The board size is 0.84" X 1.65".

Beacon Light 3mm LED item #557


Beacon Light 5mm LED item #1536





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