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E-Unit Lockout Switch, Slide - Dallee Electronics

E-Unit Lockout Switch, Slide

Item Number: #516
  • Locks E-Unit's in the "startup" positoin to prevent sequencing

This switch complements any Dallee E-Unit (518, 400, 1400) allowing the E-Unit to be locked in it's start position (Forward or Neutral as set by the jumper on the E-Unit).

Installation Instructions

  1. requires a rectangular hole (23/64" x 5/32") on an external wall / floor of the locomotive with switch Mounting holes on 19mm (0.75") centers (screws not included).
  2. Insert the switch in the rectangular hole, screw switch mounting tabs to body and insure that nothing metallic comes into contact with the exposed backside of the switch lugs or wires since that will damage the E-Unit.
  3. Connect the two pin harness to the "LOCK" socket on the E-Unit.

Technical Specifications

Item Number 516
System Compatibility
Internal Switch Dimensions 7.5mm x 15.5mm (0.21" x 0.62") body
Switch Mounting Hole Size 23/64" x 5/32" (0.359375" x 0.156", 9.128mm x 3.969mm)
Included Wire Length 6 Inches

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