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An Electronic Reversing Unit, better known as an E-Unit, is the device installed in AC style locomotives that allow the motors to be sequenced into forward, reverse, or neutral. Dallee E-Units have the option to start in either forward or neutral.

Universally Compatible

Dallee 4 & 12 amp E-Units are a universal replacement for all types of locomotive E-Units. The 2 amp E-Unit works only for DC type motors. An easy way to identify the type of motor is to check if there are either two or four wires leading to the motor itself. Two wires indicates a DC type motor while four wires indicates a series field style motor.

Easy to Use

To sequence the E-Unit, power to the locomotive is turned off and then restored within 6 seconds. All Dallee E-Units sequence in the following fashion:
Forward → Neutral → Reverse → Neutral → Forward

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