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Electronic Reverse Unit (E-Unit) - 2 Amp - DC Motors Only (Out of Stock - DO NOT ORDER!) - Dallee Electronics

Electronic Reverse Unit (E-Unit) - 2 Amp - DC Motors Only (Out of Stock - DO NOT ORDER!)

Item Number: #518
  • Sequence Direction of AC Operated Trains
  • Compatible with DC Can Motors
  • 2 Amps of Current Handling
  • Small Size (0.95" x 1.95" x 0.5")

Determining which E-Unit is best to use: If you have a transformer with meters or a separate AC ammeter you can check the ampere draw of the engine. To do that, power the engine up with it sitting on the track. Place it in the forward direction and raise the power to the engine while holding it's coupler to prevent it from moving forward. While doing so, monitor the amount of ampere's it draws with the wheels slipping and just before slipping or with the engines motor stalled out. That will tell you the maximum current draw of the engine which would indicate which E-Unit is needed to handle that amount of current.

Optional items (not included) to lock the E-Unit into the startup position (Forward or Neutral) are: E-Unit Lockout Switch item 516 or item 517 , the 2 Pin UltraMiniature 6 Inch Wiring Harness item 222.

Dallee Electronics E-Unit, 2 Amp DC

Electronic Reverse Units, commonly referred to as E-Units allow trains operating on AC power to sequence between forward, neutral, and reverse. The unit sequences to the next mode of operation when power is removed and restored to the train quickly (less than 6 seconds). Dallee E-Units sequence in this order: forward, neutral, reverse, neutral, forward.

Technical Specifications

Item Number 518
Product Instructions 2 Amp E-Unit #518 Full Instructions
E-Unit Installation with selector switch for Forward setting
System Compatibility
  • AC Track Power
  • DC Can Motor (2 wires to motor)
Maximum Current Handling 2 Amps
Physical Dimensions 0.95 Inches x 1.95 Inches x 0.5 Inches
Included Wire Length 6 Inches

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