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F.R.E.D., 2" Halogen Lamp (DISCONTINUED - DO NOT ORDER) - Dallee Electronics


Item Number: #1451

The electronic circuitry produces a high intensity flash of a Halogen Lamp and is usable as an "end of train" device, on top of water tanks, towers, ambulances, fire trucks, locomotives, caboose's or other applications.

These units are primarily for 1" and larger operators. They can also be used in a stationary environment. All lamps are a narrow beam for the best concentrated light and effect. These units are designed to operate with a 12 volt, high capacity, battery or fixed supply of 12 volts. They require at least 20 watts. The lamp is supplied with a proper socket to the base. Mounting the lamp properly is required. All units produce white light, proper colored lenses are required for different light production.

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