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Grade Crossing Controller with Bell Sound - Dallee Electronics

Grade Crossing Controller with Bell Sound

Item Number: #587
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Make your intersection come alive with the GRADE CROSSING CONTROLLER with BELL sound. This unit features full synchronization of the crossbuck lights and a true bell sound with four user selectable speeds including either simultaneous or delayed bell. The GRADE CROSSING CONTROLLER with BELL sound can be turned on automatically with it's unique built in current sense detection circuitry or manually with a switch. For precise operation, you can use our OPTO-DT to activate the switch input or a combination of the TRAK-DT and TRAK-DTT. The GRADE CROSSING CONTROLLER with BELL sound features four outputs. Two outputs for your crossbuck lamps or LED's. The other two outputs are to drive a coil or relay for crossing gate operation and an additional output simulates a warming fire in a can or stove for the gate operator. The later two outputs can also be switched to momentary drives for activation of a twin coil solenoid, if that is what you have elected to use to drive your gates. For better realism we suggest using a slow motion switch Item #587 GRADE CROSSING CONTROLLER with BELL SOUND machine. This also requires the use of item #555 to reverse the power to the slow motion, polarity reversing, switch machine. A volume control is provided on the main board with a three inch speaker included with the unit. The GRADE CROSSING CONTROLLER with BELL sound is completely assembled, except for the speaker wiring and enclosure, on a 5.75 X 2.75 inch circuit board which has standoffs at the four corners for easy mounting. Wiring for the automatic detection circuit is accomplished by insulating a section of rail with gaps, fiber pins, or plastic rail joiners. In three rail applications it is suggested that the center rail be used for simplicity. This insulated rail section is now electrically dead and must receive power from an additional wire attached to the power source or to the adjacent rail sections. This additional wire must be passed through the hole in the "SENSE COIL" before being attached to the insulated rail section. Input power can be from 12 to 20 volts AC or DC. Item #690 is an ideal power transformer to use.

Grade Crossing Controller with Bell Sound Instructions

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