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HiLine™ Battery Backup for Full Featured HiLine™ Sound Systems - Dallee Electronics

HiLine™ Battery Backup for Full Featured HiLine™ Sound Systems

Item Number: #1596
  • Operates Full Featured Hilineâ„¢ Sound on Low Voltage
  • Eliminates slow turn on of HiLineâ„¢ Sound System with Low Voltage Track Power

The HiLine™ Battery Backup provides extended run time as well as a quick turn on on tracks running at a with low voltage. This battery is intended to be used with the HiLine™ Full Featured sound system. It is full rechargeable and the HiLine™ Sound System will handle charging and discharging. The HiLine™ Sound System will automatically shut down when either the battery power drops too low or the battery has been turned off via the included switch.

Installation Instructions

Simply connect the included connector wire to the included battery with the battery clip and insert the UltraMiniature connector into the BAT terminal on the HiLine™ Sound System as seen in the photo below. HiLine™ Battery Connection

Technical Specifications

Item Number 1596
Instructions HiLine™ Backup Battery Full Instructions
Wire Length 11 Inches
Battery Size 1 Inches x 1.8 Inches x 0.6 Inches
Battery Type 9V (8.4) Nickel-Metal Hydride, 180maHr

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