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HiLine™ Remote (External) Select/Volume Switch - Dallee Electronics

HiLine™ Remote (External) Select/Volume Switch

Item Number: #1590
  • Provides Easy Access to Volume Switch
  • Works with any HiLine™ Sound System
  • Small Size (0.4" x 0.15" x 0.2")

The HiLine™ External Volume Switch is used to control the exact same functionality of the switch on each HiLine™ Sound System. The external switch allows easy access to the volume and setup on the sound system as it can be easily mounted on the outside of a model train.

Installation Instructions

  1. Find the correct connector on the HiLine™ Sound System the switch will be installed. On the Stamp systems, use the 6 pin connector. On the Full Edition HiLine™ sound systems, use the 6 pin connector that is closest to the speaker output. See drawing below.
    HiLine External Volume Switch Sound System Port Highlight
  2. Connect one of the two wires from the HiLine™ External Volume Switch to the black wire on the six pin connector from the HiLine™ Sound System.
  3. Connect the remaining switch wire to the red wire on the HiLine™ Sound System.
  4. Install the switch on the engine. This is best accomplished with a small bit of glue.

Technical Specifications

Item Number 1570
Instructions HiLine™ External Volume Switch Full Instructions
Wire Length 5 Inches
Switch Dimensions 0.4 Inches x 0.15 Inches x 0.2 Inches

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