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HiLine™ Stamp - Diesel Horns & Bells - Dallee Electronics

HiLine™ Stamp - Diesel Horns & Bells

Item Number: #1570
  • Universally Compatible with All Types of Model Trains
  • Incredibly Tiny (1.2" x 0.95" x 0.5")
  • Selectable Polyphonic Sound
  • Adjustable Volume with Remote Volume Capabilities
  • Requires 8 ohm Speaker
  • 10 Horns
  • 3 Bells
  • Proudly Designed & Manufactured in USA
  • Includes one 6 pin wire harness and one 2 pin speaker harness
Dallee Electronics HiLine™ Diesel Horns & Bell's Sound System

HiLine™ Stamp Diesel Sound Systems for model train layouts feature a selection of HORNS and BELLS in a tiny package that generates over 1.5 watts of sound.
Electrically compatible with all scales and gauges.

The Best Things Come in Small Packages

The HiLine™ line of sound systems feature Dallee Electronic's next generation of microprocessors. Not only does this mean more features are included, but the footprint is significantly reduced to fit in smaller spaces.

HiLine™ Stamp Compare

HiLine™ Stamp Diesel Sound System - Combinations

One Sound System. Many Choices.

The Stamp Diesel Sound System features 10 horns and 3 bells on a single board. Choose one setup and then change it again at any time. Changing sounds is easy with the new setup mode and does not require a computer or external programming tool.

Universally Compatible

HiLine™ Sound Systems are electrically compatible with all model rail electrical standards. AC sound is fully supported where the horn and bell work as triggers for the sound unit. DC sound works by using track magnets, or a wireless control. DCC sound is supported using an external DCC decoder. Some options require components not included.

HiLine™ Sound System - Electrical Compatibility

HiLine™ Sound System - 32-Bit Support

More Bits Makes for Better Performance

Better performance is exactly what can be expected. This revolutionary new sound system features clearer crisper sounds with our greatest resolution ever offered at higher sampling rates all to provide a remarkable reproduction of the original locomotives.

Simultaneous Sounds

HiLine™ Sound Systems are completely polyphonic meaning that each sound mixes with the other for a full locomotive experience. Many other sound systems are only capable of producing one sound at a time - when a horn is blown on a HiLine™ Sound System, the rest of the sounds continue to play along with it.

HiLine™ Sound System - Polyphonic Sounds

HiLine™ Stamp Sound System - Easy Volume Adjustment

With the Push of a Button

With the push of a button the volume decreases. Another push raises the volume. Hold the button until the volume reaches the desired level. This simple interface enables HiLine™ Sound Systems to provide streamlined access to the volume by use of an on-board push-button, remote button, or a remote control (DCC, Wireless, etc.). Some options may require additional hardware.

Technical Specifications

Item Number 1570
Instructions HiLine™ Stamp Diesel Instructions

HiLine™ Stamp Sound System Instructions - using Item #672, 22-Watt-Audio-Amplifier
HiLine™ Sound System Instructions - using other manufacturer's external amplifier instructions

HiLine™ Sound System - using PIKO key fob remote

Using Timer-3 to limit sound unit play time in display applications

HiLine™ Sound System Accessories
Sounds All sounds are polyphonic. HiLine™ Stamp Diesel Sound Systems include horn and bell sounds. For details on how to activate each sound, please review the full user manual.
Included Horns Ten horns are included on every unit, appearing in this order:
  1. Leslie A200
  2. Leslie S3
  3. Leslie S3K
  4. Leslie S5
  5. Leslie S5T
  6. Nathan K3
  7. Nathan K5L
  8. Nathan P5
  9. Wabco E2
  10. Hancock Air Whistle
  11. Mute (No Horn)
Included Bells Three bells are included on every unit, appearing in this order:
  1. Bell 1
  2. Bell 2
  3. Bell 3
  4. Mute (No Bell)
Compatibility As a general rule, each HiLine™ Sound System is electrically compatible with all scales and gauges of model locomotives.
Note: some of these applications may require items not included in the base package.
Electrical Compatibility HiLine™ Stamp Sound Systems are compatible with AC, DC, and DCC systems (DCC requires external decoder).
Physical Compatibility Compatible with: 1 gauge, 0 gauge, G gauge, O gauge, S gauge, HO gauge, N gauge, and Z gauge/scale models, ride on models, and many more.
Note: some of these applications may require items not included in the base package.
Input Power 7-18 volts AC
9-22 volts DC
Output Power Output Power 1.5 Watts at 8 Ohms
*Requires an 8 ohm speaker (sold separately)
Physical Dimensions 1.2 Inches X 0.95 Inches X 0.5 Inches

All HiLine™ Sound Systems are Designed and Manufactured by Dallee Electronics in the United States of America.

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