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Hostler-2100 6 amp - Dallee Electronics

Hostler-2100 6 amp

Item Number: #2106
  • AC momentum throttle
  • Direction, W/H, Bell and Speed controls
  • Electronic overload protection

Use your existing power transformer to power a more sophisticated AC throttle! Applies power differently to help yield better slow speed operation and better smoke at slower speeds.

Dallee Electronics Throttle


The Hostler 2100 is a very unique AC throttle that allows the operator to operate at very slow speeds for great yard operation while not sacrificing full speed capabilities yielding better user satisfaction. It also contains controls for conventional operators such as Direction, Whistle/Horn, and Bell push buttons along with a SPEED control with a momentum effect. The front panel also contains LED indicators. A Green LED for power, a Yellow LED for track voltage, and a Red LED for Overload. The Hostler 2100 controls the power uniquely to the track and provides for a range of voltage from zero to full (set by the voltage of the transformer powering the throttle).

The Hostler 2100 front panel measures 7.5" X 4.5" X 2" deep and has indicators for POWER, TRACK VOLTAGE and CURRENT LIMIT, as well as a DIRECTION, Whistle/Horn, Bell push button, and a SPEED control knob. It is designed to be mounted in your control panel with four #6 screws (not included).

There is electronic CURRENT LIMIT circuitry that reacts quickly when a short or overload circuit occurs. When an over-current condition occurs, the RED LED indicator is illuminated and power to the track is turned off. The Hostler 2100 then pauses a second or so and then repeatedly checks for over-current until the condition is rectified allowing track power to be restored from zero each time.

The maximum speed of your train is set by the track voltage. Typically conventional AC type trains operate from a range of 15 to 20 volts AC. The track voltage will reflect the input voltage to the Hostler 2100. The power rating of the transformer required for the type of Hostler 2100 your powering is covered in the instructions..

Technical Specifications

Item Number 365
Instructions Hostler 2100 Instructions
Current Handling 6 Amps
Power Input (For Electronics on Detector Board) 15 Volts AC, 90 or more watts 18 Volts AC, 108 or more watts 20 Volts AC, 120 or more watts We recommend the #2118 Power Transformer to power the Hostler for "S", "O", and Standard Gauge operators

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