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Keep-A-Live - Dallee Electronics


Item Number: #588
The KEEP-A-LIVE was designed to allow the DALLEE ELECTRONICS family of current sensing detection devices (TRAK-DT, TRAK-DTT) to display proper signal and occupancy indications even though there is no propulsion power in the track. Previously, there had to be power in the track and something drawing current in order to activate the detection devices. With the KEEP-A-LIVE connected to the track and the 12 VDC regulated power applied to the detection circuits all locomotives or rolling stock that normally draw current will be detected. For simplicity of operation the KEEP-A-LIVE installs on the output of each throttle (CAB) and acts as a pass through for that throttle. For complete coverage, an additional KEEP-A-LIVE should also be connected to the track in situations when no throttle is selected.
It is also necessary to provide power for the electronics. In order for the electronics to function properly it is essential that a "regulated" power supply of 12 VDC be employed. This 12 VDC power is only for the electronics and has absolutely nothing to do with track power. Failure to use a "regulated" 12 VDC can cause erratic functioning or actual destruction of the KEEP-A-LIVE. For proper power supply refer to the 12VPS, item#369.
Sample wiring is shown below. Remember, this is a PASS THROUGH device. It does not interfere with track power provided. If you are also using a LocoMatic™ controller, connect it's input to the wires from the KEEP-A-LIVE output (shown going to the track) and then from the LocoMatic™ controllers output to the track.


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