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LED Lighting Strip, Cool White, 18" - Dallee Electronics

LED Lighting Strip, Cool White, 18"

Item Number: #2390
  • 22" lighting coverage
  • Built-In Power Regulator (Cars Maintain One Brightness)
  • Flexible Input Power (AC/DC/DCC/Battery)
  • Eight Wide Angle (120 degrees) LEDs
  • Cool White Color
  • Cut-to-Length - Perforated Boards Allow for Custom Lengths
  • Easy Installation with Included Double Sided Tape

Dallee Electronics LED Lighting Strips for Model Trains are great for use in passenger cars, cabooses, or even in buildings on a layout. The lights are super bright but also feature a brightness selector to dial down the intensity. These LED Lighting Strips also feature a unique build-in regulated power supply that produces a consistent brightness when the input power is not.

Eighteen inch versions of Dallee Lighting Strips feature eight wide angle (120 degrees) LED modules spaced to provide even and uniform lighting. The locomotive led lighting strips can be attached with the included double sided tape.

Technical Specifications

Item Number 2390
Product Instructions Cool White 18 Inch Lighting Strip #2390 Full Instructions
Lighting Color Cool White (Similar to a modern rail cars)
Lighting Intensity 160 Lumens
System Compatibility
  • AC
  • DC
  • DCC
  • Battery
Maximum input: 25 volts AC, 35 volts DC
Physical Dimensions 0.5 Inches x 0.25 Inches x 18 Inches
Included Wire Length 6 Inches

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