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LEGO Interface for HiLine™ Sound Systems (1 available) - Dallee Electronics

LEGO Interface for HiLine™ Sound Systems (1 available)

Item Number: #1540
  • Easily Integrate HiLine™ Sound with Lego Power Functions

Integrate HiLine™ sound systems with any Lego Power Functions™ control system.

Lego Power Functions

Lego trains deserve all the bells and whistles other model trains receive! With this adapter card, your Lego Power Functions™ controlled train can sound just like a real life train. Just pair this adapter card with any of our HiLine™ sound system and you too can enjoy our bells and whistles.

Installation Instructions

  1. Solder wires from the HiLine™ sound card to corresponding ports on the Lego Power Functions Decode board according to the wiring diagrams below.

    Wiring for Full Featured HiLine™ Sound Systems

    Wiring for Stamp HiLine™ Sound Systems

  2. Connect Lego connector to the Lego IR Receiver station, noting which color (red or blue) it was plugged into.
  3. Power up the system and twist the control knob associated with the color from last step clockwise. A horn/whistle blast should be heard.
  4. Press the red button below the control knob to stop horn.
  5. Twist the control knob counter-clockwise; a bell should begin to ring.
  6. Press the red button and twist the control knob counter clockwise once again; the bell should stop.

Technical Specifications

Item Number 1540
Instructions Lego Adapter 1540 Full Instructions
Wire Length 5 Inches
Integrates With Lego© Power Functions™ Control Systems

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