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MO-1, momentum board - Dallee Electronics

MO-1, momentum board

Item Number: #567
  • Operates with AC or DC track power

Provides momentum of a locomotive or other device you want the power to gradually turn on and off. Measures: 1.8"w x 2 3/4"l x 2 5/16"h

Dallee Electronics Momentum Board, MO-1 The MO-1 is a self-contained momentum board which has adjustable stopping and acceleration timing that gives operators utilizing standard DC or AC track power the ability to accomplish gradual stops and starts without manually adjusting the throttle. The MO-1, in conjunction with a manual switch or other device such as our Trak-DT family of detectors, will start to lower the track power when a switch is closed or a Trak-DT type unit is activated. The timing for decreasing the track voltage is adjustable for a fast to a long gradual stop. When the control input becomes cleared, the MO-1 will gradually apply power to the track until full power is restored. The MO-1 comes with a connector set that allows a direct connection from its ‘EXP’ connector to our Trak-DT family of detectors which minimizes wiring. The MO-1 would typically be used with a DALLEE Trak-DTT2, item 368, to accomplish automated timed station stops with momentum. It can also be used with our Trak-DTRL, item 566 and the Trak-DTT2, to accomplish automatic Back-N-Forth operation providing momentum stops with reverses at the ends as well as additional stops in between. Various other DALLEE detection circuits may also be used. Commercial layouts may want to use it to allow trains operating from a visitor’s push button to gradually pull out and when combined with other DALLEE components, time out to come to a gradual stop. Eliminating extra gear strain, wheel slippage and excessive initial motor currents is an added benefit of using the MO-1. The MO-1 can handle up to 10 amperes of DC current or 8 amperes of AC current with minimal "in circuit" voltage loss. The MO-1 can be wired in various fashions with many configurations. See our Wiring Guide (#20 or newer) or web site for some of these wiring diagrams.

Timed Run with MO-1 Momentum
Two-Track Alternating Station Stops with Momentum
Other Uses and Operations (See Wiring Guide)

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