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Mars Light, 3mm (DISCONTINUED - DO NOT ORDER) - Dallee Electronics


Item Number: #546
  • Track or Battery power!
The MARS effect is achieved utilizing a high intensity ultra-bright incandescent white LED. This type of LED produces light similar to that of a regular filament light bulb. The MARS is usable in locomotives, on top of water tanks, towers, ambulances, fire trucks, or caboose's. Wherever the effect is desired. The MARS is designed to operate from track or motor power and is directional in operation for DC operators, or those utilizing DC motors in their engines with any type of track power (AC, DC, DCC, Radio Receiver - track or battery powered). The MARS light will start to illuminate at approximately 4 volts DC and start it's gyration at a slightly higher voltage. AC operators, with DC motors or utilizing E-Units similar to DALLEE #518 or #400, can merely connect the input power to the motor leads and the MARS will operate when the motor is in one direction and not the other. Otherwise, on AC track power, the MARS light will operate continuously without regard to engine direction. For stationary operation, a fixed AC or DC voltage may be used. The MARS will accept any type of input voltage up to 24 volts. It consumes only a few milliamps to operate. It can also be powered with a 9 volt battery or fixed voltage AC, DC, DCC or other, for those seeking constant operational settings. The MARS is furnished with double sided mounting tape and includes wire leads. If an on/off switch is desired, item #524 does the job. Item #547 is a dual mars light which contains two incandescent white LED's which work in unison.

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