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Dallee Miscellaneous Lighting Supplies

Miscellaneous Lighting Supplies

The items listed here will have a short-term availability, but they can provide a cost effective solution for a variety of modeling needs. Check back frequently for the latest offerings.

Bare Lighting Strips - their great to hold multiple lamps in a parallel connection. They are ideal for use with 383 lamps and the #378, RL-VRS regulated power supply. They are 1/2" wide x 14" long.

Qty's are limited. Cost is $7 ea., 10 for $50.

Blank PC boards - originally designed to fit over the bolster screws of American Models "S" gauge streamline cars. They can hold up to five #383 lamps in parallel and can be used in anything long enough for them or can be cut into smaller sections. They measure 1" x 13.5" and are made of FR-4 glass epoxy. Item #378 can be used to power the lamps.

Qty's are limited. Cost is $7 ea., 10 for $50.



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