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Motor Noise Filter kit - Dallee Electronics

Motor Noise Filter kit

Item Number: #1595
  • filters noise interference from AC motors to full featured sound system
Series motors in particular generate a lot of RF noise which can adversely affect the proper operation of some sound units. Installing this noise filter kit reduces the motor's noise to allow for proper sound system operation in most all instances. This kit contains 2 resistors, 1 capacitor, and 1 transient voltage snubber to install between the motor brushes and the HiLine™ Sound Systems motor brush input (blue and yellow J1 wires). The need for this is indicated by the lack of Whistle/Horn operation at higher speeds (Steam systems utilizing a synchronized chuff do not need this). In most cases, this eliminates the electrical noise (RF) produced by the motor brushes and eliminates the problem. Cleaning the brushes and brush commutator plates also helps.

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