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Optical Synchronized Chuff for Full Featured HiLine™ Steam Sound Systems - Dallee Electronics

Optical Synchronized Chuff for Full Featured HiLine™ Steam Sound Systems

Item Number: #1583
  • For Use with HiLine Steam Sounds Full Featured Systems and PUFFER
  • IR optical reflection read for precise quarting of steam chuff's
SOUND UNIT optional reflective optical coupler mounts parallel to axle, can read reflective tips of installed square cam (factory installed on some engines) or install provided (or paint) black / white stripe quartered to drivers. Using effective infra-red light, this coupler reads axle pattern for true chuff synchronization (4 chuffs per revolution or whatever you desire). Packaged with the pickup are various laser printed stripes for mounting on a drive axle (various diameters included) or rim locations. This pickup is optional for all steam sound systems. The infra-red optical pickup has 16" of wire attached to it along with the 3 pin housing to directly plug onto the "sync" input of the sound card. Since only 3 wires are necessary between the engine and tender, our item 521 or 758 are ideal for this application. Optical coupler measures 0.1" thick X 0.25w at front, 0.5" deep & 0.6" wide at main optical rear - before mounting slot, mounting slot is 0.5" long X 0.25" wide.
Item Number 1583
Instructions HiLine™ Optical Sync Instructions
Package Includes
  • 1 Infra-Red Optical sensor with preconnected wire and 3 pin header
Wire Length 36 Inches

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