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Puffer - for Full Featured HiLine™ Steam Sound Systems - Dallee Electronics

Puffer - for Full Featured HiLine™ Steam Sound Systems

Item Number: #1509
  • Operates 5v smoke motors with synchornized HiLine Full Featured Steam Sound Units
  • Get 1 puff of smoke with each chuff sound!
  • small: 0.95" W X 1.5"L X 0.6"H
  • Wires to Full Featured Steam Sound "J1" & "SYNC" connections (3 wires)
  • This does not produce a chuff sound! It operates the smoke unit's blower motor.
  • Includes one 3 pin and one 2 pin wire harness.

Operates smoke units with 5 volt blower motors to create a smoke "PUFF" on each synchronized chuff. As stated above and elsewhere, this does not produce a chuff sound!

The PUFFER operates the 5v smoke motor in MTH and Lionel engines when replacing their equipment with DALLEE's HiLine™ Steam Sounds - Full Featured Sound System with Synchronized Chuff option to operate (item #1583 or (item #1584). PUFFER will mount with double sided 3M tape.

J1 of the PUFFER Red and Black wires connects to J1-1 (Black) and J1-2 (Red) power leads of the sound system.

J1 of the PUFFER white wire connects to the "SYNC" white wire of the sound system which also connects to the synchronization of your choice.

J2 of the PUFFER connects directly to the fan motor and that's it!

HiLine™ Full Featured Steam Sound in an MTH 384E standard gauge engine utilizing the PUFFER

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