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Relay-Inverter - Dallee Electronics


Item Number: #569
  • relay control is opposite of main Trak-DTx control signal
  • contact ratings - 5 amperes

Contains a DPDT (Double Pole Double Throw) set of relay contacts. Designed to work in conjunction with the Dallee Signaling / Automation detection systems like the Trak-DT, Trak-DTT, and Trak-DTT2, Trak-DTL. They will also work with the Dallee Trak-DTRL but will require a 3 pin connector, item #223 or #225. They can also be used with other 12 volt switch control systems to obtain higher current outputs via the relay. The board measure 1.75" x 2" and contain two standoff's for mounting with #6 screws.

Dallee Electronics Inverting Relay Board Item #569 - The expansion "Relay Board-Inv" is supplied with a two pin mating harness (item 222) to facilitate easy connection to the "EXP" connector provided on the Trak-DT family of boards. It also has two barrier strips to wire the relay contacts as well as the input and control power to the board. This unit inverts the relay position of the Trak-DT type units, i.e. the relay is normally ON while the Trak-DT's relay is OFF. This comes in handy when creating automated systems that an opposite function is required in the powered off state vs the powered on state without the Trak-DT becoming energized via it's sense current activation. This unit can also be controlled via a switch input to it's control connection

Product Instructions #569 - Relay Board Inverter Instructions

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