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Sound Synchronization

Steam Sound Reed Switch Synchronization (Item # 584) Axle synchronization can also be accomplished by gluing one or two magnets onto any axle. The reed switch is supplied with two wires and heatshrinked inside heatshrink tubing. These merely connect to the White and Black wires from the "sync" connector. To create one chuff per revolution, which most will find creates the sound effect desired, merely glue one magnet onto the axle. For two chuff's per revolution, the second magnet needs to be glued onto the axle in the opposite position. Most trailing wheel sets are 1/2 the diameter of the main drivers, so two magnets would yield 4 chuffs per revolution of the main drivers. These magnets are very small and measure only 0.1" wide x 0.2" long x 0.045" thick. Two magnets and one reed switch assembly are included in this package.

Steam Sound Synchronization Optical Coupler (item #583) Using reflective infra-red light, this coupler reads axle pattern for true chuff synchronization (4 chuffs per revolution or whatever you desire). Packaged with the pickup is various laser printed stripes for mounting on a drive axle (various diameters included) or rim locations. This pickup is optional for all steam sound systems. The infra-red optical pickup has 16" of wire attached to it. Since only 3 wires are necessary between the engine and tender, our item 521 or 758 are ideal for this application.


Rim Reading

Axle Reading



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