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Dallee Stationary Electric Sound Systems


 Stationary Electric Locomotive Sound Systems

Actual footprint - 0.95" x 2.7" x 0.5"


Instructions (PDF file)

GG-1: Item #792 for DC, DCC, Radio, Stationary

Now you can hear PRR#4877 as actually recorded while in service! Actual sounds of the Cooling Blowers, Horn, Bell, and Brake Release. Pull the mighty GG1 out and hear the brakes release followed by the Cooling Blowers whining up to full rpm. Play the Horn the way #4877 did...as long as you want! No canned play patterns here! Ring the bell with the blowers running or by itself sitting still!

EP-5: Item #677

Similar to the GG-1 above but featuring the Hancock air whistle.

AEM-7 / ALP-44: Item #793

MP 54: Item #638 - INSTRUCTIONS (PDF file, 162K)

EMU: Item #674 - INSTRUCTIONS (PDF file, 366K)




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