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Super Capacitor - Pack of 2 - Dallee Electronics

Super Capacitor - Pack of 2

Item Number: #559
  • Remove Flicker from LED Lighting Strips
  • Substitute for 3 and 9 Volt MTH Battery
  • Replaces Rechargable 9 Volt Battery When Used With 9V Battery Clip
  • Includes 2 Super Capacitors (Does not include 9 Volt Battery Clip)
  • 1 super cap measures: 0.85"l x 0.3"d x 0.65"w

Storage capacitors can be used to replace batteries or to remove flicker from LED lighting strips.

To make a storage capacitor to replace a battery in any 9 volt system, simply connect two Super Capacitors in series as shown. If using a 9 volt battery connector (item 578), the "+" and "-" must be connected opposite of what would be considered normal since this is emulating a battery.

You can also use this Super Cap for many applications such as removing flickering light from intermittent track pick-ups. You can also add them to our LED lighting to prevent flickering of track pick-ups. This will keep the LED lighting boards illuminated for quite some time after track pick-up power has ceased.

Technical Specifications

Item Number 559
Included in Package 2 Super Capacitors
Instructions Super Capacitor Full Instructions

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