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Switch Synchronized Chuff for Full Featured HiLine™ Steam Sound Systems - Dallee Electronics

Switch Synchronized Chuff for Full Featured HiLine™ Steam Sound Systems

Item Number: #1584
  • Synchronize Steam Chuffs Exactly wtih the Model
  • Easy To Install
  • Small Size
  • Long Lasting for Reliable Operation
  • For Use with HiLine Steam Sounds Full Featured Systems and PUFFER

The HiLine™ Switch Sync replaces the automatic chuff on the HiLine™ Sound Systems. The sync switch allows the HiLine™ Sound System to read the position of the train axle so that a precise speed and piston position can be interpreted. The result of using the switch sync is correctly synchronizing the sounds to the actual motion of the steam locomotive.

Installation Instructions

  1. Determine which axle the magnets should be placed on. Ensure that the magnets will clear the reed switch reader. See the photo below for an overview of how the reader and magnets will be placed.
    HiLine™ Switch Sync Installation Example
  2. Add a dab of glue to the reed switch and fix it somewhere close to the axle.
  3. Add glue to each of the magnets and place them on opposite sides of the axle. Ensure the poles are alternating so that the two magnets pull towards each other.
  4. Plug the reed switch reader into the HiLine™ Sound System in the port outlined below.
    HiLine™ Switch Sync Port

Technical Specifications

Item Number 1584
Instructions HiLine™ Switch Sync Full Instructions
Package Includes
  • 1 Reed Switch with Connector Wire
  • 2 Magnets
Wire Length 18 Inches
Reed Switch Size 0.65 Inches x 0.15 Inches Diameter
Magnet Size 0.2 Inches x 0.12 Inches X 0.05 Inches

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