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Timer-3 / Display Timer, Push Button operation - Dallee Electronics

Timer-3 / Display Timer, Push Button operation

Item Number: #507
  • Uses push button to activate
  • Adjustable time from approx. 20 seconds to 3.5 minutes
  • requires 14-18 vAC or 15-20 vDC input power
  • switches up to 5 ampere load
Dallee Electronics Timer-3 / Display Timer The Timer-3 consists of a relay switch contact that can turn items On and Off or Off and On for a set time interval or reverse the polarity of a device for a period of time which is activated by a push button switch or automated with a Trak-DT or other detection device. This is especially usable with train operation as well as animating figures, lights and other items. It can also be used to turn the momentum board, MO-1, item #567, on and off. The MO-1 will make engine starts and stops more gradual since it has a variable slow start and slow stop control thus eliminating a lot of wheel, gear and motor wear.

Time is user set with a range from approximately 20 seconds to 3 minutes. The activation time is set by the potentiometer and is started by pushing a momentary switch, not included (use item #618). Time starts after the switch contact is released. It will also start upon first powering up the Timer-3. A longer time interval is available upon special order.

Separate fixed power of 14-18 volts AC or 15-20 volts DC is required to power the Timer-3. The fixed power is to operate the board and has nothing to do with the power to the items you want to control.

The relay output handles 5 amperes.

A good fixed AC power source is item #690. This connects to terminals 5 & 6 and can operate up to 15 similar devices

Instructions - Timer-3

Push Button Display Control with Timer-3/Display Timer

Using Timer-3 to limit sound unit play time in display applications

Refer to the Wiring Guide for other types of push button timed operations.

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