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Timer-4 / Back-N-Forth - Dallee Electronics

Timer-4 / Back-N-Forth

Item Number: #508
  • handles 8 amperes of current
  • independent on/off time adjust

Allows for individual timing of the ON and OFF period. Can be used to turn an item ON or OFF like the Timer-1 or can be used as a Back-N-Forth, with diodes (not included), to create different end stop times. Time is adjustable from approximately 30 to 90 seconds.

Dallee Electronics Timer-4 The Timer-4 consists of one timer with separate on and off time adjustments.
The Timer-4 can be used to set something on or off for a period of time or used to reverse the polarity of a device such as a DC switch motor who's lever operates an object. Timer-4 can also be used for a "Back-N-Forth" / "To and Fro" with different timed stops at each end (similar to a Timer-1 #505, Back-N-Forth 1 amp #561 or Back-N-Forth 5 amp #563.
This unit does not include the diodes needed for operating a Back-N-Forth. They are available for the current rating you need:
1 amp #374,
3 amp #370,
6 amp #375.

This is especially usable with train operation as well as animating figures, lights and other items.

Time is variable from approximately 30 to 90 seconds. A longer time interval is available upon special order.

A good fixed AC power source is item #690. This connects to terminals 5 & 6 and can operate up to 15 similar devices

Instructions - Timer-4

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