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Trak-DT - Basic Current Detector - Dallee Electronics

Trak-DT - Basic Current Detector

Item Number: #365
  • Current Detected Simply by Passing Wire Through Loop
  • Douple-Pole Double-Throw Relay on Board
  • Relay Activated While Current is Detected, Relaxes Without Current

The Trak-DT basic current detector activates its on-board relay when current is detected. When current is removed, the relax relaxes. Current is detected by passing a wire through the sense coil on the board.

Dallee Electronics basic Detector

Power Requirements

All Dallee current detectors require a regulated 12 volt DC power supply. We recommend the 12VPS to power up to five detectors. Please use a regulated source as unregulated power can destroy the electronics on board.

Terminal Overview

No Current Detected

Trak-DT Relax Contacts when Relaxed
When no current is detected by the Trak-DT, the right and middle contacts are connected and the left most connector is connected to nothing.

Current Detected

Trak-DT Relax Contacts when Activated
When current is detected, the right and middle contacts disconnect and the left most connector connects to the middle terminal.

Installation Instructions

  1. Decide on a section of track which will trigger the detector. Isolate one rail (either rail on two rail, center for three rail) for the length of the section of track by adding a small gap in the rail.
  2. Route a new power lead for that section of track, passing it through the sense coil on the Trak-DT board.
  3. Connect the power leads to the Trak-DT. At this point the detector is ready to use. For more detailed wiring guides, please reference the Dallee Wiring Guides.
Basic Trak-DT Detector Wiring

Technical Specifications

Item Number 365
Instructions Trak-DT Basic Current Detector #365 Full Instructions
Two Aspect Signal Operation Guide
Other Uses and Operations (See Wiring Guide)
Relay Style Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT)
Relay Current Handling 5 Amps
Power Input (For Electronics on Detector Board) 12 Volts Regulated DC

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