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Trak-DTT - Timed Block Occupancy Detector - Dallee Electronics

Trak-DTT - Timed Block Occupancy Detector

Item Number: #565
  • Perfect for a timed station stop
  • Activate relay for an adjustable time upon detection
  • Operate solenoid type switches and semaphores

Use the Trak-DTT (Track-DeTector Timer) block detector to switch on or off anything around your layout for a duration of 1-45 seconds. Trak-DTT current detector activates its on-board relay when current is detected. The relay relaxes after an adjustable time between 0-45 seconds. The timer functionality is selectable, beginning either immediately when current is sensed or after the current is removed. The detector waits until current is removed for a few seconds before allowing detection once again. Current is detected by passing a wire through the sense coil on the board.

Dallee Electronics Detector Timer

Add a station stop easily to your model train layout with the Trak-DTT and a ballast lamp (item #538) or use the Trak-DTT as a "short block" detector with fixed timed occupancy. Simply create an isolated section of track to trigger the Trak-DTT, change a few wires, and you have it. Use the Trak-DTT to operate your solenoid type switches or semaphores. You can also use the TrakDTT as a momentary power supply for all your solenoid switch machines on your layout. The TrakDTT combines two functions in one unit.

The small block detector circuit board contains a jumper for dual functionality (see below) and a time frame adjustment dial.

Dual Functionality - Jumper Settings

With the jumper selector installed, the timed block detector will activate upon sensing current but the timer will only start when current is no longer sensed.
Current Sensed -> Relay Activated -> Current Removed -> Timer Started -> Timer Ended -> Relay Deactivated -> Reset
With the jumper selector removed, the timed block detector will activate upon sensing current and start the timer immediately.
Current Sensed -> Relay Activated -> Timer Started -> Timer Ended -> Relay Deactivated -> Current Removed -> Reset

Power Requirements

All Dallee current detectors require a regulated 12 volt DC power supply, such as the 12VPS. We recommend the 12VPS to power up to five detectors. A 12 volt regulated DC source must be used as other unregulated power supplies can destroy the electronics on board.

Basic Wiring

Relay Not Activated

Model Train Block Occupancy Detector Relaxed
When the relay is not activated, the right and middle contacts are connected and the left most connector is connected to nothing.

Relay Activated

Model Train Block Occupancy Detector Activated
When the relay is activated, the left and middle contacts are connected and the right contact is connected to nothing.

Terminal Overview

  1. Decide on a section of track which will trigger the detector. Isolate one rail (either rail on two rail, center for three rail) for the length of the section of track by adding a small gap in the rail.
  2. Route a new power lead for that section of track, passing it through the sense coil on the Trak-DTT board.
  3. Connect the power leads to the Trak-DTT. At this point the detector is ready to use.
  4. For more detailed wiring guides, please reference the Dallee Wiring Guides.
Trak-DTT Basic Installation Instructions

Technical Specifications

Item Number 565
Instructions Trak-DTT Current Occupancy Detector Timer #565 Full Instructions
Automatic Timed Station Stops #683 Full Instructions
Other Uses and Operations (See Wiring Guide)
App Note: Twin Coil Switch Machine Automatic Throw
Relay Style Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT)
Timer Duration 0-45 Seconds (Longer Times Available Upon Request)
Relay Current Handling 5 Amps
Power Input (For Electronics on Detector Board) 12 Volts Regulated DC

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