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Turntable Indexer - Dallee Electronics

Turntable Indexer

Item Number: #1700
  • Automate Turntable Stops
  • Alignment Verified Using Reflective Optics
  • Variable Speed Control of Turntable
  • Alignment LED's on Front Panel for Easy Stop Installation
  • Switch for Turntable Direction with Center-Off Position
  • High Quality, Durable, Laser Cut Black Anodized Aluminum Front Panel
  • Drives Turntable Motors up to 2.25 Amps
  • Output Overload Protection
  • Requires 16 volts AC input at 2.5 amps or item #690
  • Designed and Manufactured in the U.S.A

Automate your model train turntable control with the easy to use Turntable Indexer from Dallee Electronics. This kit includes everything you need to convert a manually operated turntable into one which precisely stops the table at the exact location you desire.

Easy To Use

Using the turntable is easy with the Dallee Electronics Turntable Indexer. Simply switch the motor on by turning the Align switch to "ON". As the table nears its desired stop, switch the Align switch to "OFF". The Turntable Indexer also allows you to quickly and easily control the speed and direction of the turntable. An optional optics extension cable is also available, item #1702. This plugs onto the 3 pin optical wire harness and #1700 turntable indexer 3 pin optical input connection to extend the optical wires 20' further than the four plus feet that the optic's are supplied with.

Technical Specifications

Item Number 1700
Instructions Full Instructions (PDF)
Wiring diagram for use with a Transfer Table (PDF)
Printable Alignment Targets (1200 DPI - TIFF Image File). Easily Prints on Avery #5167 Label Sheet
Printable Alignment Targets - 600 DPI (PDF)
Compatibility The Turntable Indexer is compatible with most DC operated turntables with motors using less than 2.2 amps.
Input Power 16 Volts AC input at 2.5 Amps or item #690
Output Power 0-12 Volts of Variable DC, in either direction (set by the switch on panel).
Panel Dimensions 6 Inches X 3 Inches X 3 Inches (depth into cabinet)

The Turntable Indexer is Designed and Manufactured by Dallee Electronics in the United States of America.

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