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Dallee Electronics Turntable Indexer
This version of the Turntable Indexer has been discontinued, please see our new Turntable Indexer #1700.

Turntable Indexer
(Item #617)

The TURNTABLE INDEXER is designed to stop the motor driving any turntable at many locations set by you. This unit consists of a main circuit board that requires the use of a fixed AC voltage to power it and a variable source to operate the turntable motor (DC or AC ­ whatever your turntable drive requires, a DC motor is desirable since it can be dynamically braked to stop rapidly).

The TURNTABLE INDEXER consists of a relay to switch the power to your motor on and off as neccessary, and INFRA­RED OPTICS to be used for alignment purposes. Space is needed to mount the optics and a rotating disc below the turntable is neccessary for angle brackets that are needed for alignment to the optics.

Installation and alignment is quite simple. You merely fabricate angle brackets out of thin shim stock, mount them at appropriate positions for bed alignment to the optics, and then secure them with a screw. If at any point a stall becomes misaligned, you merely loosen the angle bracket and resecure at the corrected position.

You can also use the pre­printed laser pattern glued to any angle bracket or small blocks of wood (not included).  Once the unit is installed and aligned you merely press the pushbutton (included) to start moving to the next stop position. If you do not want to stop at the next position, merely press the pushbutton during transition past the undesired stop position.

A pushbutton is supplied since it is easier to align with, you can substitute a single pole single throw toggle switch instead.  Although this unit can be used with practically any turntable, it was designed to be used with the BOWSER turntable and motorizing kit.




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