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VRS 0.5 Amp Adjustable Regulated Power Supply - 1.25 to 6.2 Volts - Dallee Electronics

VRS 0.5 Amp Adjustable Regulated Power Supply - 1.25 to 6.2 Volts

Item Number: #378
  • Adjustable Regulated Power - No Voltage Drop Under Load
  • 1.25 Volts to 6.2 Volts Output
  • Up to 1/2 Amp of Power
  • Accepts Input Up to 30 Volts AC or 35 Volts DC
  • Works on DC, DCC, and AC

378-VRS with Directional lights

The Dallee VRS adjustable switching power supply can be used for many applications requiring a small output voltage when only a large voltage is available.

Since the VRS is a regulated power supply, an input voltage that varies (such as a track power transformer) can be used as the source without causing the output voltage to change. This means lights on a layout or in passenger cars will always be the same brightness regardless to the setting of an adjustable locomotive transformer.

Common Uses

  • Stationary lighting of building interiors, ceilings, and outside lights
  • Regulated lighting for street lights and marquees
  • Replacement regulator for various smoke units

Installation Instructions

  1. Attach one two pin connector to input power, such as track power.
  2. Set the voltage dial to minimum voltage and power up the input power.
  3. Use an electric meter connected to the other two pin connector to set the voltage dial to the correct output voltage.
  4. Once the correct voltage is set, turn off the input power and connect the output wires to the application requiring power.

Technical Specifications

Item Number 378
Instructions 378-VRS Instructions
using the 378-VRS with fixed and directional lights
System Compatibility AC, DC, or DCC Input Power
Power Handling 0.5 Amp
Output Voltage 1.25 - 6.2 Volts DC (Adjustable)
Input Power Less than 35 Volts DC
Less than 30 Volts AC
Less than 30 Volts DCC
Physical Dimensions 1.25 Inches x 1 Inch x 0.35 Inches High

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