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Yard Master II - Dallee Electronics

Yard Master II

Item Number: #2354
  • 2.5 amp DC throttle with momentum
  • LED indicators for POWER & OVERLOAD
  • walk-a-round throttle with 9', 4 conductor cable
  • requires AC input power (12 - 24v)
Dallee Electronics Yard Master II Throttle


The Yard Master II is a very powerful hand held walk around throttle that allows the operator to operate at very slow speeds for great yard operation while not sacrificing full speed capabilities yielding better user satisfaction.

The Yard Master II is a direct response hand held 2.5 Amp DC electronic throttle with fixed momentum.

The Yard Master II measures 4.4" X 2.4" X 1.2" has indicators for POWER and CURRENT LIMIT, a DIRECTION switch, a SPEED control knob and a 9+ foot cord.

There is electronic CURRENT LIMIT circuitry that reacts quickly when a short circuit occurs. When an over-current condition occurs, the red indicator is illuminated and power to the track is turned off. The YARD MASTER II then repeatedly checks for over-current until the condition is rectified allowing track power to be restored.

The maximum speed of your train is set by the track voltage. Larger scales can utilize a higher voltage but this is not necessary unless high speed operation is desired. An external power source, item #690, is ideal for the YARD MASTER II for an output of 14 volts DC. For lower voltage, use item #692 which will yield 10 volts DC. This allows the user to just connect the output to the track, connect the other two wires to the external power transformer, plug the external power supply into the 120 vAC outlet, and begin to enjoy the full capabilities of the YARD MASTER II !

If connectors are desired, we offer the following items: item #355, 4 pin cable plug, and item #357, 4 pin chassis jack. Typically, multiple 357 jack's could be installed on the platform with item 355 placed on the end of the YARD MASTER II cable. The Yard Master II does not contain any memory for operating when unplugged and re-plugged since the entire throttle is in your hands.


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