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Archived Product Instructions - Dallee Electronics

Archived Product Instruction Sheet Downloads

Sound Instructions

LocoMatic™ type 2

LocoMatic™ type 3

Electric LocoMatic™ Sound Type 3 (PDF, 1.272M)

Steam LocoMatic™ Sound Type 3 (PDF, 1.072M)

LocoMatic™ type 4

Electric LocoMatic™ Sound Type 4 (PDF, 869K)

Steam LocoMatic™ Sound (PDF, 1.614M)

LocoMatic™ Sample Installations

American Flyer GP-7 w/ Series Motors (PDF, 393K)

American Models FP-7 LocoMatic ™ type 3 (PDF, 151K)

American Models GG-1 Installation (PDF, 218K)

American Models Installation (PDF, 108K)

'BEEP' LocoMatic ™ Installation (PDF 74K)

Lionel Fairbanks Morse LocoMatic ™ type 4 (PDF, 312K)

Sample Sound unit with DC type, LocoMatic™  Control and 400 E-Unit in S (PDF, 179K)

Scale GG-1 LocoMatic ™ type 4 (PDF 167k)

Short GG-1 LocoMatic ™ type 3 (PDF 218K)

Sync to Lionel Hall sensor (PDF 61K)

Weaver M1a LocoMatic ™ type 4 (PDF, 291K)

Weaver Models GP-38 (PDF 249K)

Weaver Models RS-3 (PDF 178K)

DC v2

Diesel Sound DC (PDF, 3.1M)

Steam Sound DC (PDF, 2.9M)

Electric Sound DC (PDF, 2.8M)

DC Sound Controller #585 (PDF, 95K)

DC V1& 2 Microcontrollers (PDF, 7K)

#672 used with Curtis Controller (PDF, 161K)

Amplifiers #671 & 672 optional dcc wiring (PDF, 233K)

Amplifiers #671 & 672 w/Curtis Controller (PDF, 160K)

DC v3

DCv3 Sound Systems Overview

AC Sound Systems

Deluxe Sound Overview Era 2001-2014

Deluxe DC Steam Sound

1992 era (PDF, 772K)

Deluxe AC Steam Sound

1993 era (PDF, 783K)

LocoMatic™ Controller / DC v3 sound controller

LocoMatic™ Controller #755 internal wiring (PDF, 101K)


Amplifier #671 (PDF, 95K)

Amplifier #672 (PDF, 92K)

Sound Related, miscellaneous

Stationary Diesel Horn (PDF, 577K)

Stationary Steam Whistle (PDF, 573K)

#585 Controller (original) (PDF, 29K)

#585 Controller (updated) (PDF, 68K)

Other Instructions

Power Supplies

Power Transformers (PDF, 96K)

Power Transformer #690 V1 (PDF, 34K)


Engineer (PDF, 171K)

Engineer - 2000 (PDF, 241K)

Engineer - 1984 (PDF, 1.8M)

Engineer - 1976 (PDF, 731K)

HOSTLER AC Throttle (PDF,156K)

HOSTLER Radio Link (PDF, 109K)

Yard Master (PDF, 30K)

Phase One (PDF, 1.35M)

'E' Units

Electronic Reverse Unit (old style) (PDF, 121K)


RL-ADJ V1 Lighting (PDF, 72K)

RL-ADJ V2 Lighting (PDF, 50K)

RL-ADJ Lighting Sample Installation (PDF, 210K)

Signaling & Automation

Optical Detection (OPTO-DT) Infra-Red Detection (item #552/553)

Optical Detection (OPTO-DTR) Reflective Detection (item #1452/1453)

TRAK DT #365 (PDF, 89K)

TRAK DT #365 (PDF, 89K)

Automatic Back-n-Forth DC Basic (PDF, 140K)

Automatic Back-n-Forth DC Timed (PDF, 38K)

Automatic Back-n-Forth #682 for AC trains (PDF, 490)

Automatic Timed Station Stop #683 (PDF, 165K)

Expansion Relay (PDF, 19K)

Flasher DT #549 (PDF, 50K)


Two Train Auto #691 (PDF, 162K)

Turntable Indexer #617

1-Shot Timer (1986) (PDF, 33K)


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