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Archived Product Instructions - Dallee Electronics

Archived Product Instruction Sheet Downloads

Sound Instructions

LocoMatic™ type 2

LocoMatic™ type 3

Electric LocoMatic™ Sound Type 3 (PDF, 1.272M)

Steam LocoMatic™ Sound Type 3 (PDF, 1.072M)

LocoMatic™ type 4

Electric LocoMatic™ Sound Type 4 (PDF, 869K)

Steam LocoMatic™ Sound (PDF, 1.614M)

LocoMatic™ Sample Installations

American Flyer GP-7 w/ Series Motors (PDF, 393K)

American Models FP-7 LocoMatic ™ type 3 (PDF, 151K)

American Models GG-1 Installation (PDF, 218K)

American Models Installation (PDF, 108K)

'BEEP' LocoMatic ™ Installation (PDF 74K)

Lionel Fairbanks Morse LocoMatic ™ type 4 (PDF, 312K)

Sample Sound unit with DC type, LocoMatic™  Control and 400 E-Unit in S (PDF, 179K)

Scale GG-1 LocoMatic ™ type 4 (PDF 167k)

Short GG-1 LocoMatic ™ type 3 (PDF 218K)

Sync to Lionel Hall sensor (PDF 61K)

Weaver M1a LocoMatic ™ type 4 (PDF, 291K)

Weaver Models GP-38 (PDF 249K)

Weaver Models RS-3 (PDF 178K)

DC v2

Diesel Sound DC (PDF, 3.1M)

Steam Sound DC (PDF, 2.9M)

Electric Sound DC (PDF, 2.8M)

DC Sound Controller #585 (PDF, 95K)

DC V1& 2 Microcontrollers (PDF, 7K)

#672 used with Curtis Controller (PDF, 161K)

Amplifiers #671 & 672 optional dcc wiring (PDF, 233K)

Amplifiers #671 & 672 w/Curtis Controller (PDF, 160K)

DC v3

DCv3 Sound Systems Overview

AC Sound Systems

Steam Sound AC Old Style (PDF, 268K)

Electric AC Old Style (PDF, 396K)

Deluxe Sound Overview Era 2001-2014

Deluxe DC Steam Sound

1992 era (PDF, 772K)

Deluxe AC Steam Sound

1993 era (PDF, 783K)

LocoMatic™ Controller / DC v3 sound controller

LocoMatic™ Controller #755 internal wiring (PDF, 101K)


Amplifier #671 (PDF, 95K)

Amplifier #672 (PDF, 92K)

Sound Related, miscellaneous

Stationary Diesel Horn (PDF, 577K)

Stationary Steam Whistle (PDF, 573K)

#585 Controller (original) (PDF, 29K)

#585 Controller (updated) (PDF, 68K)

Other Instructions

Power Supplies

Power Transformers (PDF, 96K)

Power Transformer #690 V1 (PDF, 34K)


Engineer (PDF, 171K)

Engineer - 2000 (PDF, 241K)

Engineer - 1984 (PDF, 1.8M)

Engineer - 1976 (PDF, 731K)

HOSTLER AC Throttle (PDF,156K)

HOSTLER Radio Link (PDF, 109K)

Yard Master (PDF, 30K)

Phase One (PDF, 1.35M)

'E' Units

Electronic Reverse Unit (old style) (PDF, 121K)


RL-ADJ V1 Lighting (PDF, 72K)

RL-ADJ V2 Lighting (PDF, 50K)

RL-ADJ Lighting Sample Installation (PDF, 210K)

Signaling & Automation

Optical Detection (OPTO-DT) Infra-Red Detection (item #552/553)

Optical Detection (OPTO-DTR) Reflective Detection (item #1452/1453)

TRAK DT #365 (PDF, 89K)

TRAK DT #365 (PDF, 89K)

Automatic Back-n-Forth DC Basic (PDF, 140K)

Automatic Back-n-Forth DC Timed (PDF, 38K)

Automatic Back-n-Forth #682 for AC trains (PDF, 490)

Automatic Timed Station Stop #683 (PDF, 165K)

Expansion Relay (PDF, 19K)

Flasher DT #549 (PDF, 50K)


Two Train Auto #691 (PDF, 162K)

Turntable Indexer #617

1-Shot Timer (1986) (PDF, 33K)


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